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Helsinki Christian Daycare
tytöt leikkivät legoilla

Helsinki Christian Daycare is a Finnish-speak-ing multicultural daycare with Christian values for children aged 2-6 years, with integrated preschool. We sing and swing, pray and play and together we grow to know our Heavenly Father and to be what He created us to be.

The daycare is open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm, July excluded. Most families are entitled to support from KELA for the daycare fees.

Helsinki Christian Daycare got started within a childrens’ ministry that was done by an international and nondenominational missions organization called Youth With A Mission (in Finland: YWAM Finland). From 1988 to 1997 it was part of Helsinki Christian School. After that it’s been run by supporting organization called Helsingin Kristillisen Päiväkodin kannatusyhdistys.

The family doesn’t need to belong to a church in order to get a place for their child. We will listen and honor parents’ own thoughts.


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Contact info:

Helsingin Kristillinen Päiväkoti

Mätästie 5

00770 Helsinki

p. 041-3198910

info (at)